7 1/4" x 5 1/4"
30 pgs.


If you walk in off the patio you’ll see
the lamp shining on my filter paper
and the country’s finest collection of goads
but it was dark in my head that night
above alone but none more capable
the signal said we wish to form
an Earth beyond your dreams
the perfect alien of wish fulfillment
lunar beds in planetary belts
no halts on the limiters
the plan was to crosscheck the children
all the crestfallen and sundry dwellers
I got a planet you couldn’t beleaguer
straight but could conquer by the load
ripe for shining alcohol on the grounds
a maybe zany bitch on a homeside ball
a crystal in the hay rick collapsible on call
a throat of tremendous heights and strengths
right comestible on hand but try not to separate
care to scrape this buzz from my flashlight?
try crawlspace stand and get a grip
a hemisphere is for the nervous pleasures
you just slip on a wrap like the uncles gave
the plot was to leave a coverage of worlds
ripe and on hand for whatever following floor